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This article opens an exploration of the description of relationships between entities made possible by the new standard, Encoded Archival Context - Corporate bodies, Persons and Families (EAC-CPF). Presents the results of a survey conducted in 2013…
The e-Government Interoperability Framework (e-GIF), last updated in March 2005, contained the Government’s policies and specifications for achieving interoperability. e-GIF policies mandated adherence to its Technical Standards Catalogue…
A summary of resources available on this website - Guidelines
In this issue of Databits, we see results from group and individual efforts to better serve the LTER Network, both from a technological and a socio-technical perspective. Noting that “one would be hard-pressed this fall to find an idle information…
© 2005-2006 The ATHENA Consortium. 5-2. Metamodelling,
INFORMATICA POWERCENTER 8.1.0 PRODUCT OVERVIEW. 2 integration * intelligence * insight Content  About Informatica PowerCenter 8  PowerCenter 8 Overview.
LUCENTIA Research Group Department of Software and Computing Systems Using i* modeling for the multidimensional design of data warehouses Jose-Norberto.
MDC Open Information Model West Virginia University CS486 Presentation Feb 18, 2000 Lijian Liu (OIM:
Metadata Tools and Methods Chris Nelson Metanet Conference 2 April 2001.
Modelling the spatial data of Hellenic Cadastre and generating the geodatabase schema Aris Sismanidis ARISTOTLE UNIVERSITY OF THESSALONIKI FACULTY OF ENGINEERING.
Presentation to SD Best Practices September 28, 2005 Bob Roth (Sparx Systems) Frank Truyen (Cephas Consulting)
The Model-Driven Semantic Web Emerging Technologies & Implementation Strategies Elisa Kendall Sandpiper Software September 8, 2005.
What is MOF? The Meta Object Facility (MOF) specification provides a set of CORBA interfaces that can be used to define and manipulate a set of interoperable.
Welcome to SlidePlayer! Uploading presentations and publishing them online never was this easy. With SlidePlayer it is perfectly fast and comfortable. All you need to do to publish a presentation and make it available for everyone you wish is login…
1.1 The annual conference is the focal point of IASA’s year. IASA is a volunteer organization and the guidelines provide a sense of continuity that is essential in an organization where the Board can change dramatically every three years.

It is usual to have a standard agenda (Conference Program provides a sample agenda and Conference Business Plan provides a suggested timeline for conference organization)

11.1 The EB will meet one day prior to the beginning of the conference. Agenda…
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