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Read how ADB, along with development partners and the private sector, is improving the quality of life across Asia and the Pacific. Get insights into the issues that matter as the region continues to experience strong economic growth.
Shang-Jin Wei is the Chief Economist of the Asian Development Bank (ADB).
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Together We Deliver Together We Deliver highlights successful ADB projects across Asia and the Pacific that demonstrated development impacts, best practice, and innovation.
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Transport has been one of ADB's main sectors over the last four decades with transport operations now nearly 24% of total ADB lending.
Takehiko Nakao is the President of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Chairperson of ADB's Board of Directors. He was elected President by ADB's Board of Governors and assumed office in April 2013.
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ADB is focusing on public financial management and reduction of vulnerability to corruption.
Gender equality and women’s empowerment are essential for meeting the region’s aspirations of inclusive and sustainable development.
Official cofinancing is an arrangement under which ADB and one or more donor governments finance a project or program in partnership with a developing member country (DMC).
Asia has not only recently recorded high rates of economic growth but also increasing rates of overweight and obesity. These conditions are important risk factors for various chronic diseases. Leading health experts from the region and ADB spoke at…
With over $8.2 billion in loans and grants, ADB has a long track record in assisting its developing member countries achieve the goal of quality education for all.
Find the latest key economic, financial, and social indicators in Asia and the Pacific. Access to ADB's statistical resources and research publications is free of charge.
Environmental sustainability is a prerequisite for economic growth in Asia and the Pacific. ADB aids the region to a green growth path, focused on sustainable infrastructure, and environmental management.
A social development agenda involves people, communities, organizations, institutions, and governments to reduce poverty, inequality and vulnerability among the millions in Asia and the Pacific still excluded from economic growth.
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ADB is committed to improving health in Asia and the Pacific by supporting better governance, more water and sanitation infrastructure, and regional collaboration.
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