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Find DATAVERSITY talent at the job board. Every day, attracts the top talent in the world of Semantic Technology through our blog, news reporting, and Q&A platform, "Answers". Post a job and target our audience today!
Firebrand Technologies offers TITLE MANAGEMENT, Content Services, Eloquence Metadata Solutions, ECOMMERCE and NetGalley Solutions for the publishing industry. Eloquence provides book publishers with the power to electronically disseminate and control…
Digital Humanities is the annual international conference for digital scholarship in the humanities. DH2010 will be hosted at King's College London.
The E-print Network, from the U.S. Department of Energy, houses scholarly and professional works electronically produced and shared by researchers with the intent of communicating research findings to colleagues.
This paper describes how to review your SGML for non-XML features as a first step towards simplication.
ADB management and subject experts share knowledge, views, and insights on development issues in op-ed articles and opinion pieces published in international and regional publications.
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Official news releases and announcements for the regional and international media on the work of the Asian Development Bank (ADB).
Browse all ADB-researched or supported working papers and briefs.
The Portal is a gateway to Texas history materials. You may discover anything from an ancestor's picture in a college yearbook to a rare historical map.
METS White Paper Draft from METS Editorial Board (October 25, 2010): Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard (METS) Official Web Site.
The METS schema is a standard for encoding descriptive, administrative, and structural metadata regarding…
Find the latest key economic, financial, and social indicators in Asia and the Pacific. Access to ADB's statistical resources and research publications is free of charge.
EE Times connects the global electronics community through news, analysis, education, and peer-to-peer discussion around technology, business, products and design
Origami: The Art of Paper Folding: Definition, History, Techniques, Paper, Tools and Types
Crafts: Types of Handicraft, History of Decorative Arts and Crafts Movement: William Morris, John Ruskin
How to Request Military Service Records, Military Personnel Files, Veterans Records, Discharge Papers, Separation Documents, DD214, or Prove Military Service
Drawing: Techniques of Disegno, History: Greatest Renaissance Drawings, Illustrations, Caricatures
EZID service creates long-term identifiers
and is a key component for keeping data and digital objects safe
while fulfilling grant requirements for data management plans.
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