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Digital Humanities is the annual international conference for digital scholarship in the humanities. DH2010 will be hosted at King's College London.
Figurative Drawing: Sketching of Human Body From Life Class: Drawings in Pencil, Chalks, Charcoal, Pastels, Crayons
Young adults are core clients of public libraries and the future adult users of library services. Public Library Services provides state-wide consultancy and advice on library services for young people to library staff and local government.
Booklist Online: The best book reviews for public libraries and school libraries, and the best books to read for your book club, brought to you by the ALA
The public library working groups share information through wikis, blogs and other forms of social media. Through the PLS blog the State Library shares news with NSW public libraries. These tools can help you keep informed about what other libraries…
The State Library of New South Wales email-based forums exist to facilitate information exchange, foster collaboration and support professional communication and development within the New South Wales public library network
Collection management is a key area of library services. The State Library provides state-wide consultancy and avice on collection management to library staff and local government.
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