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New Zealand Electronic Text Centre -

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New Zealand Electronic Text Centre -


The New Zealand Electronic Text Centre (NZETC) (Māori: Te Pūhikotuhi o Aotearoa) was renamed in 2012 the New Zealand Electronic Text Collection due to internal restructuring.

The New Zealand Electronic Text Collection is a collection of the library at the Victoria University of Wellington which provides a free online archive of New Zealand and Pacific Islands texts and heritage materials. The Library has an ongoing programme of digitisation and feature additions to the current holdings within the NZETC. In the beginning of 2012 the collection contained over 1,600 texts (around 65,000 pages) and received over 10,000 visits each day.[2]

The Library works with partners within Victoria University on projects for the NZETC including:

The NZETC has previously worked with external partners, such as:

When original texts are out of copyright NZETC provides the digitised version under a Creative Commons Share-alike License (currently CC BY SA 3.0 NZ).[4]

The NZETC is a part of the Text Encoding Initiative community of practice. They encode all their textual content in TEI XML which is transformed dynamically into HTML using XSL.[5] Authority files are maintained for works, people, places and, unusually, ships.[6] Topic Maps are used for the main website structure.



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